Friday, 18 March 2011

I've started a blog! EVERYBODY RUN!!!

Oooooooh boy, this should be interesting. Right! Erm... Hello world! How is everyone???


...Right, nobody actually knows I'm here...

Anyways! This blog is basically just a place for me to ramble on about whatever the hell I really want to, though I'll try to keep a theme on really going on about 3 particular topics that I really like to talk about and whatnot: politics, video games, and (a slightly odd one) things to do with circus skills, although I am almost certainly might deviate completely slightly from these topics on a frequent basis the odd occasion, particularly if  fuck all is happening or I just goddamn feel like it cause here I am God almighty, muahahahaha! something important has come up which I feel is necessary to talk about.

So, to summarise this extremely short first-time post (whiiiich kinda means I don't really need a summary but shut up, this is my space... well, probably not if there's something about Blogger owning all rights to this blog (and my immortal soul, naturally) in the Terms and Conditions So I can do an unnecessary summary if I wish to!), basically I'm going to rant about whatever the hell I want and in all likelihood there's nothing you can do about it. I'll at least try to make it interesting...?

Anyways, if anyone stumbles on upon this place, welcome to the Random Babbling of a Slightly Odd Student!


  1. I'm not sure I understand what the lines mean...

  2. Lines? What, teh places I crossed out the words? O.o

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